Niche Down

Niche Down

From the inventor of cubism Pablo Picasso to Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, the people we admire most in the world are original, unique, different. They take risks, claim new ground. They do not fit in, they stand out.


And they do not compete for attention in the traditional sense.


Most of us are tricked into believing that achieving personal and professional success means fitting in. What it really takes is the courage to stand out.


In this dynamic, direct and succinct book, Lochhead and Clancy describe a research-based approach to thinking about your life and business called “category design.” Through a narrative stuffed with inspiring stories, they examine how legendary people — especially legendary entrepreneurs — introduce the world to new ways of thinking and solving problems.


They reveal how to exploit the exponential value of what makes you different vs. the incremental value of what makes you better. And they show how to conquer a market category that you design, becoming its de facto queen or king.


After reading this ground-taking book, you’ll gain the insights required to become known for a niche that you own.

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Christopher Lochhead

Legends and Losers Host, Marketing Guru and Godfather of Category Design


Heather Clancy

Technophile, planet lover & entrepreneur fan

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“Be known for a niche that you own. This is a powerful idea. One that transforms how people think about their lives, careers and business ventures.”

Hal Elrod

Author of the best-seller, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

“There are so many ideas and thought-provoking concepts in this book, the ROI for buying Niche Down is delivered in the first chapter alone. Niche Down challenges your entrepreneurial notions — but, luckily Christopher Lochhead and Heather Clancy, offer solutions.”

Rieva Lesonsky

CEO, GrowBiz Media/, former editorial director, Entrepreneur

“Niche down is a powerful concept. The most extraordinary people are not only great at what they do —they gain success by being known for a niche they own.” 

Jordan Harbinger

podcast pioneer

“It's never been easier to build, market and monetize a small business. But, as a society of entrepreneurs, we're doing it less than ever. 

In the fast-evolving world of startup's and entrepreneurship, one of the easiest ways to experience massive success is to think smaller, not bigger. Smaller customer bases and smaller markets make way for bigger opportunities and bigger profits. Inside 'Niche Down',

Christopher Lochhead and Heather Clancy make it easier than ever to build, market and monetise your own business - based off a small, but powerful collection of ideas and concepts. It's essential reading for every modern day entrepreneur.”

Chris Ducker

Bestselling author of Rise of the Youpreneur

“Category design is a principle that every successful entrepreneur has intuitively embraced.”

Ann Miura-Ko

Lecturer, Stanford University and Co-founder Floodgate Fund

"Christopher Lochhead is the mad genius who created the category of category design.  Christopher is a legend himself.

Pat Grady

Partner Sequoia Capital

"If Jack Daniels wasn't already named Jack Daniels they'd have to name it Christopher Lochhead"

Bob Evans

Technology Industry Icon

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